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Bullet State is a twin-stick local multiplayer shooter made in 6 months. Players fight each other or with the computer in colorful arenas, in a game heavily inspired by Rounds.

The flexible game style allows for many different types of play, from a bullet smothered free-for-all to tactical 2v2 gameplay to brackets for larger groups.


  • 2-4 local multiplayer, and a singleplayer mode against the computer. Groups can also fight the CPU
  • Bloodthirsty AIs to challenge with 5 different skill levels
  • 30 arenas
  • Keyboard/gamepad support

Feedback/Bug reports:

Even though the game is basically finished, you can help out by commenting your feedback in the comment section or by emailing me (reprdev1@gmail.com).

I feel like some sort of big-ticket car salesman right now. But who cares, leave a rating if you like it!


1.05 Windows.zip 61 MB
1.05 Mac.zip 59 MB
1.05 Linux.zip 59 MB
Attribution 1.05.txt 1 kB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip zip file
  2. Run executable

Development log

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