Update 1.02 — Aesthetic, Juice, and Fun

Hi! This is update 1.02 for Bullet State. Nearly 15.165 trillion changes were made in this update, including revolutionary innovations in aesthetic, UX, and juice.


  • The player has been revamped, with a new sprite and death effect (loosely inspired by Corebreaker's death effect)
  • The juice system has been recreated in all its satisfying glory, and with real juicy explosions to go with it
  • Maps and lobby have been upgraded with ropes and squishy softbody boxes (plus 2 more maps)
  • The map now switches every time someone wins a point
  • A completely redone loading sequence
  • The four main character colors are now colorblind friendly (Orange, Blue, Cyan and Lime)
  • You can now hurt and (kill your) friends in the lobby!
  • The aesthetic has been remade into a colorful mosaic thing
  • The main menu has its music removed, and along with it the nausea-inducing camera shaking
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Made saws much more fun and deadly


1.02 Windows 70 MB
Oct 22, 2022
1.02 Mac 79 MB
Oct 22, 2022
1.02 Linux 70 MB
Oct 22, 2022

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