Extra bug fixes/improvements — Update 1.04

Despite what I said before, this is definitely the final update for Bullet State. A week ago I played Bullet State 1.03 and saw a ludicrous amount of problems that could easily be fixed, and I decided that I would spend the next few days cranking out one big update to solve them all. There are tons of really big bug fixes and improvements that are addressed in this update, and they should ultimately lead to a much better experience.

  • The timer for piñata spawning no longer ticks when the game is paused
  • A bug was fixed that caused the bars that represented the players' scores to show up underneath their container
  • Piñatas no longer spawn naturally in the lobby
  • The gravity on brown boxes was reduced from 1.65 to 1
  • There is now a smoke puff effect for when the player jumps
  • Jumping now gives a 20% horizontal speed boost
  • The angle at which AIs shoot is now offset slightly depending its skill preset
  • There are 6 new names for the AIs
  • AIs no longer continue to target piñatas after they are broken
  • The string on piñatas no longer continues to show after the piñata is broken
  • There is now a red "AI" indicator next to the names of AIs
  • The elevation and font size of player and AI names was slightly increased
  • Players can no longer join while another player is typing their name
  • One of the possible instruction texts in the lobby was removed to increase simplicity for new players
  • The image that displays the controls to "get ready" in the lobby was altered slightly
  • The UI layout of the lobby was majorly changed, with the text instructing you on how to get ready being moved to the bottom of the screen
  • Player death and injury particles are now cleared upon switching between the game and the lobby
  • Shooting recoil was decreased slightly
  • The jump cut multiplier was decreased
  • The power of the controller vibration was decreased
  • Multiple buttons can no longer be selected at once
  • Unpausing now reselects the UI element that was selected before the pause
  • The in-game scoreboard was split into two parts and simplified dramatically
  • The scoreboard now simplifies based on whether or not there are multiple players and/or AIs in the game
  • The "Allow AIs" game setting is now reduced in opacity when disabled instead of being covered by a translucent overlay
  • The "Points to Win" game settings is now disabled to reduce confusion when there is only one player in the game
  • The player can no longer shoot when the Game Settings menu is up
  • The button selection areas in the Game Settings were enlarged
  • The in-game text that displays how many points are required to win no longer changes color when a player wins a round
  • The selection areas of the menu that shows after someone wins a game against another player were enelarged
  • Pausing the game now caused a lowpass effect on the music (with a cutoff frequency of 1001.65)
  • The default lowpass cutoff frequency for the music has been changed to 18000
  • A particle and sound effect now plays whenever an AI spawns


Release 1.04 Windows 61 MB
Jul 07, 2023
Release 1.04 Mac 59 MB
Jul 07, 2023
Release 1.04 Linux 59 MB
Jul 07, 2023
Attribution 1.04.txt 1 kB
Jul 07, 2023

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