Update 1.025 — Bug Fixes, Parrying, and more!

Bullet State 1.025 is here! I hear you saying, "But Repr, why is this Update 1.025 but not 1.03!?!1!!?" I've realized that with all the stuff I want in 1.03, I'm biting off more than I can chew, with all these bugs and oddities popping up during playtesting.

Update 1.025 is sort of my solution to this overwhelming worry that people will say stuff like "the audio settings don't make sense or even work!" or, "you can hurt your opponents in the lobby and then one-shot them in the arena!" I think having a midpoint between 1.02 and 1.03 really helped me get over this sort of paranoia.

Many bugs were fixed, conveniences were added, and a couple totally new features and mechanics were put into place. I'm really happy with how this turned out!


  • The death effect and sound were given slight improvements
  • Most of the music was removed from the game, leaving one old track and a newly added one
  • Piñatas were introduced. These cute little guys appear randomly throughout gameplay and reward you with health and max HP
  • The victory sequence was remade with all-new sound effects
  • Explosions were remade yet again
  • Parrying was introduced. Press Left Trigger, E or Q to absorb and then recycle incoming damage into health
  • Double-jumping was added. This allows for easier platforming during stressful situations
  • "Controls" section was added to the main menu
  • You may now press Escape to exit out of the current submenu in the main menu
  • The audio settings now work! They are now 0-100% options that work as they should


Release 1.025 Windows 60 MB
Nov 27, 2022
Release 1.025 Mac 70 MB
Nov 27, 2022
Release 1.025 Linux 60 MB
Nov 27, 2022
Attribution 1.025.txt 1 kB
Nov 27, 2022

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