To Draw a Piñata

Ok, so I've been working on a piñata sort of thing for update 1.03, and I've been having a problem. My art is garbage. I just don't have the gift of being able to turn what's in my head into a reality. Sure, I probably could with some high-end Adobe product or an art guru who doesn't take, "cheap," as a price option, but a budget like mine doesn't exactly allow for a year of Photoshop and some genius freelancer.

So, now that my array of tools has been narrowed down to Figma (a small program that I've been using for a while), it's time to do some braaaaaainstorming...

Since I couldn't figure out how to effectively create a donkey outline in Figma, I knew I'd have to come up with something different. A frog? Too hard. A duck? Same problem. But what about a blobPerfect! It's original, fits the game's whimsical theme of goo monsters fighting each other, and is easy to make! I just have to make a bunch of curves for the outline and then use that as a mask for the bands on the piñata!

With this newfound inspiration, I quickly got to work, making a few sprites for the piñata in its destruction process.

Piñata sprites

The finished sprites for the piñata. One intact, the second a bit banged up, and the third nearly destroyed.

Sure, the eyes on the second one look a bit wonky, but like I said, I'm no professional.

And that's it! I excitedly typed up the code for the piñata sprite to switch whenever it's shot at, and there we have it. A pretty cool, stylish piñata.

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