Update v1.2

Well hello. This is the second and final update of Fishtail, and as I implied just now, I don't expect there to be any more in the future. There was a lot of big stuff here, and at this point you're probably wondering why I'm still rambling, so here's the changelog :)

  • Car outline is cool now
  • New tracks!!
  • Made the car physics slightly better by making sure wheels are turning in the correct direction
  • Camera shakes as the car moves faster
  • New cars!! (total of 5 now)
  • Singleplayer mode has a speedometer (there is a setting to change the speed unit)

Unity decided that I was making too many good improvements to the game, so it also did some less favorable things.

  • All this insanity
  • Grass doesn't work in local multiplayer anymore, due to an update to the grass system that Fishtail uses, which makes it impossible to render grass with two cameras at the same time without significant performance cost
  • Wireless controllers (and possibly wired ones—I'm not sure) may need to be restarted in order to work. I could not find the root of this problem, so I could not fix it

I was thinking about adding online multiplayer to the game, but I ultimately decided against it due to a) my limited experience on the subject; b) the amount of time that would take (this update has already gone on long enough), and c) this is a topic that I think I'll explore another day, when I am tackling something more specific to online connectivity. Besides, not many people would even be here to play online Fishtail at all, which would simply turn the whole venture into a stack of bills as soon as I have to pay for the servers.

In the end, Fishtail turned out fine, and I guess I'll go work on something else now.


Windows v1.2 125 MB
90 days ago
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90 days ago
Mac v1.2 (Apple Silicon) 121 MB
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Linux v1.2 129 MB
90 days ago

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