Update v1.1

It's been a while, but Fishtail finally has its first big update! This is the first of two major updates that Fishtail will be getting, and I'm not expecting to update the game much longer after that. But anyway, here's the changelog:

  • Rewinding no longer saves the time you had before your rewind (to punish endless rewinding)
  • Races now have a countdown
  • There's cool music by Kevin MacLeod now
  • Cars now have spatial audio
  • Lap gates now display the player's lap time above them as well as the time difference of the current lap and the previous lap
  • A new, nicer, more performant grass shader is now being used
  • Grass is now evenly spread across the entire field of Ironic Island
  • There is now a Back to Menu button on the race end screen
  • A huge main menu was added with tons of settings in it
  • Local Versus was added! Two players can now race against each other locally on a split screen
  • Lots of improvements were made to the car's suspension and controls (you're welcome)
  • Some code optimization was done to improve performance
  • Track railings are now wider, less distracting, and reach all the way to the ground
  • The car's collider was changed to be slightly more realistic and harder to stay flipped over
  • Car impact effects (like sparks and camera shake) now only occur with a hard enough collision
  • New pine tree model
  • Wind effect on pine trees

All of this sounds amazing, but beware of some issues that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet:

  • When cars in Local Versus hit each other with enough speed they get sent flying off the track
  • Car controls are still pretty weird
  • There's apparently grass in the water (what)
  • Grass is still quite computationally expensive to have on


Windows v1.1 83 MB
Aug 13, 2023
Mac v1.1 81 MB
Aug 13, 2023
Linux v1.1 84 MB
Aug 13, 2023
Credits.txt 2 kB
Aug 13, 2023

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